Welcome to Amboy, California “The Ghost Town That’s Not Dead Yet”

Amboy, California is not a now-defunct ghost town that’s been forgotten about for decades. It may look like it’s in economic decline and doesn’t have much of a future, but Amboy still has a hold on visitors who come from far and wide to explore its unique history and its most iconic sight: the Route 66 sign.

Located along the old Route 66, the original two-lane highway America once drove to get from coast to coast, Amboy was once a thriving town with bustling businesses and hotels. The famous Roy’s Motel & Café even served celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra when they traveled through the area in their own 1960s road trips.

While other roadside stops along this stretch of road have long since disappeared into the ether of forgotten towns, Amboy still stands today – albeit in a new form. While many of its buildings are abandoned or left to crumble away over time, there are some notable highlights that stick out from the rest.

The main attraction on Route 66 just outside Amboy is an iconic sign that reads: ‘Welcome to Amboy – Plucked Right Out Of The Crossroads Of 1893’. Originally painted by Bob Waldmire in 1985, it’s a charming reminder of what was once there as you drive through today.

Inside the town itself, there lie several relics from vintage times such as an actual 1913 railroad car alongside historical American artifacts from past journeys including artifacts from World War II vehicles (tanks) and various buggies that used to navigate its maze of dirt roads back in days gone by – all lovingly tended to one man who has called this place home since 1975 – Albert Okura, who currently owns Roy’s Motel & Café and continues to maintain much of the old infrastructure so that its memory lives on for generations more.

It may be light on inhabitants these days but visits here reveal just how richly steeped in history this place still is – while also providing insight into what made America so great during its heyday. Believe it or not but you can actually spend an entire day doing activities in Amboy with attractions including world-class hikes like Cat Rock Trail which offer stunning views over 25 miles ago; local museums where history buffs will go weak at their knees; fishing spots for enthusiasts; camping grounds and even whiskey tasting tours at nearby wineries! All topped off with full amenities at Roy’s bustling café if need be any inspiration after all those activities — showing visitors exactly why folks have never stopped visiting this small pocket of Californian treasure despite everything else life has thrown at it!
Amtrak travels straight through here too adding extra points for convenience which almost guarantees contented guests no matter whether you plan ahead-of-time or take a spontaneous detour off your journey across America!

Whether you take Amtrak or check out Natural Wonders Air Adventure tours instead – spending time at Amboy is well worth it; with travelers learning more than they ever imagined possible about America’s yesteryears while being coerced off the beaten track just enough into unchartered territory! Sure things have changed here but what hasn’t changed is how mesmerizing both locals and tourists find ‘Amboy CA’. This desert ghost town may be blistered beyond repair due to changing trends but stroll around long enough here — there’s enough nostalgia packed within these walls to make some seriously unforgettable memories along the way!