Amboy, California – The settlement is located in the Mojave Desert west of Needles and east of Ludlow on Route 66

Amboy, California – Welcome to Route 66: The Longest-Standing Ghost Town in the United States

Many people have heard of Route 66, but few know that one of its most iconic stops is right here in California. Amboy, a small settlement that can be found in the Mojave Desert west of Needles and east of Ludlow on Route 66, has become an important piece of American culture over the years – though today, it’s a nearly-abandoned ghost town. Let’s take a deeper look into this historic hidden gem!

The history of Amboy dates back to 1865 when a man named Lewis King Collins established it as a stop along the wagon trail connecting San Bernardino and Arizona. In 1883, the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railway extended its line eastward to Needles and made Amboy one of those tracks’ major hub towns; by 1922, it expanded to included two service stations and three garages during its heyday. Then, when the United States government decided to build what we now call Route 66 in 1926, they connected a number of areas together which included Ludlow through Randall’s Cutoff further East from Needles which included (amongst others) Amboy..

It flourished for many years as a result before encountering issues. By the 60s traffic had already dropped significantly due to countless new interstate roads being constructed across America — effectively routing traffic away from Route 66 – eventually leading to its closure in 1975. Since then Amboy has essentially been left abandoned with much of its infrastructure crumbling and disappearing entirely over time. In fact, due to its increasing dilapidation many were convinced that it was officially ghost town; however this is where Roy Crowl comes into play — or rather one man that would go onto essentially save the beloved settlement!

In 2004 Roy purchased 40 acres around Amboy which included both the original motel building (which he refurbished) and gas station (which he renovated). He spent a further 11 years using these structures as well as his own money to slowly rebuild and restore them back their former glory: today visitors can expect something very similar experience to what they could find roughly sixty years ago! Though while there still isn’t much— you’d be able easily find something unique within this beautifully drab landscape that may just make your trip even more unforgettable!

Considering all this makes it becomes clear why so many travelers still consider visiting Amboy – regardless if fall under one category or another: no matter whether you are after some classic routes or something out-of-the ordinary — this sleepy little Californian outpost surely won’t disappoint!