Amboy, California – The settlement has become one of the more important staging points on Route 66

American history is full of incredible stories and locations, many of which have been lost to time. One such location is Amboy, California – a small settlement that has recently become recognized as a major starting point for journeys down historic Route 66. Located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, this tiny town amazes visitors with its unique landscape and numerous attractions, from pristine stretches of desert road to abandoned gas stations and drive-in theaters.

Originally founded in 1858 by Jacob Keesling, Amboy was initially intended as a railroad siding along the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad line. But when Route 66 began running through the area in 1926, the little town saw an influx of travelers just passing through on their way to Los Angeles or perhaps further east. Soon enough Amboy had its own share of businesses – hotels, cafes, garages – all catering to visitors who had stopped for some R&R en route to adventures beyond California’s borders. Sadly most of the original Route 66 businesses have long since disappeared; but luckily several have survived intact (or close enough!) including Roy’s Motel and Café – now home to an impressive collection of classic Americana period pieces from across The United States.

Today what originally began as a stop along an iconic stretch of highway has become much more: Amboy is now officially listed as an official American Historical Landmark due to its role in The Mother Road’s history. Its fame spread around 1955 when it served as the backdrop for racing scenes in films such as “The Grapes Of Wrath.” Since then millions have flooded into Amboy to view its stark beauty first-hand and pay tribute to one of the most historically significant roads ever driven down by humans.

What really makes Amboy so special today however are its people – namely Milicent Rose Wallace who purchased Roy’s Motel during 2009 after taking over ownership directly from Roy himself (who sadly passed away shortly after). Milicent has since worked hard honorably overseeing numerous restoration projects while at once maintaining her motel’s classic vibe; even creating her own art gallery featuring local artist’s works displayed along Enchanted Trails Amboy Historic Trail – undoubtedly the town’s premier tourist attraction!

When it comes down it you can’t deny that there’s something special about old Route 66 — especially here at Amboy where grandeur meets practicality for both serious travellers looking for adventure or just wanting soak up some spirit of days gone bye alike! Come see why this small settlement has become one important staging points on Tribute To America today – visit Ambay now or before your next journey out West!