Amboy, California – School in Amboy

Amboy, California, is a small town located on the border between Arizona and Southern California. It’s home to fewer than 300 people. With a population so small, one might wonder how students are able to receive an adequate education in Amboy. Fortunately, there is a school in Amboy that serves families living in the area and provides quality education for its students.

Amboy Elementary School serves citizens of Amboy and its surrounding areas. The school houses about sixty students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. For decades, the school has been the only educational opportunity available for these children, so the staff does their best to make it as enjoyable and educational an experience as possible. The teachers at Amboy Elementary School strive to make learning interesting, with classes on subjects ranging from math and science to Spanish language and art.

The modern-day campus offers many new amenities such as a full-size gymnasium, which allows students to play team sports like basketball and soccer; playgrounds; computer laboratories; and libraries stocked with books donated by various local organizations. In addition to providing vital textbooks and other supplies, over half of the current faculty members have received grants from multiple charitable foundations such as Cal Fire and FEMA’s USESFirm Program designed to provide much-needed funds for hurricane repair work in rural schools like Amboy Elementary School.

Since the school’s founding in 1922, there has been a strong emphasis placed on providing a quality education for all students regardless of their background or financial status. Consequently, tuition fees are minimal compared to other schools in the region – most families are required to pay just $20 per month for schooling supplies like textbooks and lab materials – making it incredibly affordable for families of any income level or social class. Additionally, over 80% of Amboy Elementary School graduates go on to pursue higher education opportunities throughout their lives after graduation thanks in part to their teacher’s dedication who often spend evenings tutoring those who need extra academic help beyond normal class instruction time.

In short, despite being located hundreds of miles away from any major metropolitan areas or university campuses in Southern California, there is still an exemplary elementary educational opportunity right here in little town of Amboy thanks largely due largely efforts put forth by its dedicated educators as well as generous donations from local organizations and foundations committed towards enriching our communities with top-notch learning opportunities usually only seen within city limits

At Amboy Elementary School we believe our primary mission is clear: Prepare each student today for success not just tomorrow but also beyond! Our commitment to ensure only the best academic outcomes through rigorous yet engaging content ensures that absolutely no student gets left behind – ever! So if you or someone you know needs appropriate school options which balance both curricular activities with sustenance values then look no further than this small town jewel near endearingly known near affectionately as “Amboy Elementary School” where every single kid counts!